Automation Anywhere Standard - Download Free Trial

Automation Anywhere Standard - Download Free Trial

Automation Anywhere Standard Download Software is used to automate business & IT processes. Automation Anywhere Standard Download Software provides SMART Automation Technology® for fast automation of complex tasks. With Automation Anywhere Standard no programming is required. Automation Anywhere Standard caters for Business Process Automation, IT Automation and Testing automation. With Automation Anywhere Standard you can automate any task. Automation Anywhere Standard is available to download and buy and it has a free trial download.

Why Automation?
Automation provides companies with the means of staying competitive by automating simple and complex tasks across applicatons. Users realize a quick ROI by saving both time and costs, increase business and IT process reliability and speed while reducing the possibility of human error.

Why Automation Anywhere?
Automation Anywhere is the leader in intelligent automation software. Its three distinguishable features are:

1 Automate any task
It can be used to automate any kind of task, from the most complex to the very simple. Automate Windows applications, Web tasks or legacy applications. It is the only automation software you will need.

2 Faster automation with superior reliability & security
Superior 'SMART Automation Technology®' eliminates the need to write "infrastructure code", like code to wait for applications to load, code to check for window size & position or if desktop icons have moved, etc. Automation Anywhere automatically gives intelligence to your tasks. Focus on the business logic & automate ten times faster than other automation software. Automation Anywhere sets a new standard in security with features like password protection, strong industry standard encryption.

3 Easier automation
No programming required. SMART task recorder, pre-defined automation templates, point & click actions & sample tasks make automation effortless.

Who Can Use It?
Automation Anywhere's customizable & intuitive user interface makes it easy to use for both new and advanced users.

Business users, Users with no programming or IT experience
Users can use the SMART task recording features to record actions without writing scripts. Or use pre-defined automation templates to create an intelligent, automated task in minutes.

IT divisions, Database or Network administrators, Application Developers

Advanced users will enjoy the power of many action wizards, ability to create a script from scratch etc., as well as use it as their automation platform. Use in-built automation services like repeat, notification, etc., on VBScript & JScripts or integrate disparate scripts within an Automation Anywhere script.

AA Standard feature list

Create a task 4 easy ways

No programming required. 4 easy options to create any task in just minutes.
  1. Use SMART Task Recorder
  2. Use pre-defined automation templates
  3. Use task editor with point & click wizard
  4. Use Web Recorder for web automation

Intelligent automation software

Powered by our unique SMART Automation Technology®: Task re-plays automatically adjust to more than 40 changes between record and play conditions giving you trouble free re-plays. For e.g.:
  • Window position or size change
  • If desktop icons or start menu items have moved
  • Task bar or dialog box location change
  • Internet connection is slower of faster
  • Computer CPU load
    ...and many more
This eliminates the need to write “infrastructure code”. It allows you to focus on your business logic and automate 10 times faster than other automation software.

Schedule task

Scheduling capability to run tasks at pre-defined times. Automation Anywhere offers many scheduling options. You can schedule
  • Daily (every day or only weekdays or every 2 days for example)
  • Weekly (certain days of the week, for example every Monday)
  • Monthly (certain day of month, for example 1st January & 5th& October)
  • One time only
  • When computer starts
  • When you logon
  • When computer is idle
You can also schedule a task multiple times.

Task Editor with 310+ actions

Edit recorded tasks or create new tasks with point & click action wizards. No programming required. More than 250 powerful actions to choose from like
  • Keyboard & Mouse actions
  • Files/Folder actions
  • Windows actions
  • Conditional actions
  • Loop actions
  • Internet actions
  • Database actions
  • Clipboard actions
    ...and many more.
Automate tasks


Secure Auto login capability allows scheduled tasks to run even when computer is locked. Automation Anywhere provides this powerful feature to Auto Login and Auto Lock for maximum security.

When you enable Auto Login, and any scheduled task runs, Automation Anywhere will unlock the computer if it is locked and start executing your task. Once the task completes, it will lock the computer again. This eliminates the need to keep your computer unlocked for task execution.

Enhanced Security Features

  • Secure auto-login –schedule a task to run at a later time, then lock the computer and go home. At the scheduled time, Automation Anywhere will automatically log in, run the task, and lock the computer again.
  • Secure your tasks by providing passwords which are encrypted using strong industry encryption. Prompt and verify passwords while
    1. Executing a task
    2. Editing a task

Variable support

Variables let you run the same task again & again with different values, without changing the task. Two different types of variables are supported.
  1. System variables: These are pre-defined variables like date, clipboard, etc.
  2. User variables: These are variables that you can define as per your need.
Three different types of user variables are supported.
  • Value (Single Value)
  • List (Multiple Values)
  • Random (Random Value)
For the above three types of user variables, you can select either values or read from text file.


Auto response capability can trigger a task in response to many events. You can define which task to trigger for which event. Automation Anywhere supports six types of triggers.
  1. Window
  2. File
  3. Folder
  4. Performance
  5. Process
  6. Service
  7. Email Message
  1. Window Trigger: Two types of actions are supported in Window trigger.
    • When window opens
    • When window closes
  2. File Trigger: Three types of actions are supported in File trigger.
    • When file is created
    • When file is deleted
    • When file is renamed
  3. Folder Trigger: Six different types of folder triggers are supported.
    • When any file is created in that folder
    • When any file is deleted in that folder
    • When any file is renamed in that folder
    • When folder is created
    • When folder is deleted
    • When folder is renamed
  4. Performance Trigger: Three different types of performance triggers are supported.
    • CPU Usage
    • Free disk space
    • Process count
  5. Process Trigger: You can have two types of triggers for each executable running on your computer.
    • When process starts
    • When process stops
  6. Service Trigger: You can have four types of triggers for each service installed on your computer.
    • When service starts
    • When service stops
    • When service resumes
    • When service pauses

Email notification

Email notification allows you to send status mail when task finishes. You can define content of the status email. Default email template contains:
  1. Task Name
  2. Task Description
  3. Repeat
  4. Task Status
  5. Last Run Time

Excel automation

  • With Excel integration you can Create Spreadsheet, Open Spreadsheet, Close Spreadsheet, Get Cells, Set Cell, Goto Cell, Run Excel Macro within the task and even Delete Cells.
  • Sessions allow you to work with multiple spreadsheets.

Advanced Web Recorder

Automation Anywhere Case Studies

ComRes Telecom

ComRes Telecom
ComRes Telecom challenge was to collect and consolidate data from multiple client phone systems by logging into them and taking a backup for the same. Automation Anywhere’s SMART data backup features, using the ‘exe’ capability and the email notification options; ComRes was able to automate the process of backing up client phone databases by uploading the data onto an FTP server.

Macys Macy's
Macy’s wanted a reliable solution to automate many of their PeopleSoft HRMS business & IT processes. Managing the human resources requirement for an organization as large as Macy’s required enterprise class reliability and rapid development and deployment to quickly adapt to their growing business. Automation Anywhere offered a unique approach by allowing Macy’s to automate using the PeopleSoft HRMS web front-end.

MediaRing MediaRing
The challenge for MediaRing was to access reliable and accurate competitive information. Specifically pricing structures and promotional activity in a consistent, cost effective and timely manner. Automation Anywhere’s SMART Web extraction tool intelligently extracts the competitor information from the Internet and converts the data into .xls or .csv file, then sends it as an email or update to the company database.

Nuva Technologies

Nuva Technologies
Nuva's challenge was to increase productivity by reducing the hours spent on setting up computers for clients. Automation Anywhere provides a cost and time effective solution to help schedule set-up routines and then tailor the tasks as required.

SME Customer Service, Inc.SME Customer Service, Inc.
SME Customer Service, Inc. an Oklahoma-based small business needed an automated system to accurately extract web data and integrate it into Excel. CEO Scott Downs chose Automation Anywhere to maintain up-to-date, accurate information for his collections agency thereby reducing human error and saving time, effort and money.