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The Clean Cookstove Initiative is a global movement targeting 100 million clean stove replacements by 2020. Because of the extremely harsh winters in Afghanistan - indoor smoke in rural Afghan homes is a  particularly huge problem. One of the reasons stoves are inefficient is because they are a large mass of metal that absorbs and radiates heat. But in the Afghan winter that is exactly what the user wants. Additionally fuel inefficiency is causing increased stress on the natural landscape: manure, wood and shrubs. The Tandoor (underground bread oven in the kitchen) is the largest source of smoke in the house, but it also provides underground heating for the living / sleeping room and making bread is an integral part of the Afghan villagers life. Like many things in Afghanistan cookstoves require a unique approach and real innovation to solve the issue at hand. With that in mind COAM would like to  create an open source discussion on the matter.

Please leave a comment below if you have an original idea or just more questions about the problem. The COAM team here in Bamyan, Afghanistan will engage with you and we will solve the problem together!!