Knights After My Heart

New Adult, Romantic Suspense
Date Published: September 2017
Price: $3.99 + Free With Kindle Unlimited!

I'm not scared of loving someone, I'm scared of them not loving me enough.


I met Amelia right after my father died. With just a smile, she reached into the depths of my depression and brought me out of the dark place my mind had gone to, filling me with light. She gave me purpose, hope, and something worth fighting for—us…she just doesn’t know it yet. 

I’ve been watching her every move since that day—listening, learning—waiting for the day she graduates to rescue her from the life she shies away from. I have a plan, and no one will stop me. She’s going to be mine. 


I have issues. I’m the first one to admit my brain doesn’t shut up¬—ever¬—and holding on to my v-card like it’s a hall pass to heaven, is insane. I’m a junior in college. I’ve dated guys and some of them even made me want to commit. I never have. That might all change with him, but he’s definitely not the ending my friends want for me. 

Connor’s different, or maybe I’m different with him. When it’s just the two of us things are comfortable, easy, simple—but my heart doesn’t always beat to the same tune as my thoughts, and that frustrates me. I’m losing control and people are noticing—people who can break me. 

Disclaimer: Some of the content is for a mature audience. It's a suspense series, and thus, may contain cliffhangers, some violence, stalkers, and adult language.

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