Beautifully Burned

Paranormal Romance

Date Published: August 23, 2016

Price: $0.99


He doesn’t crave her blood … he needs her dreams

Danyella Foster’s night turns from mundane to monstrous when the man from her nightmares walks into her bar. No joke. Unfortunately for Ella, the punchline is her independence. She’s swept into a world she thought only existed in her Gran’s superstitions—a world of dreams, danger, and demons. He calls himself a V’alkara, but Ella knows what he really is, even if he doesn’t sparkle in sunlight or hiss at holy water. Surrender might be easy … if it didn’t cost her sister, her will, and the life she’s always known.

After enduring an existence enslaved to a cruel master, Daxen has found freedom with the new V’alkara regime. Being assigned to guard Ella—who may or may not be a sought-after dreamcaster, the women V’alkara need to survive—isn’t on his agenda. But he’s unprepared for the tempting sparks between them or how she enflames his protective instincts. After all, he’s incapable of love and already bound to another dreamcaster … isn’t he?

Yet when an enemy from Daxen’s past strikes and Ella is caught in the crossfire, they discover there are worse nightmares than surrendering to unlikely dreams.

While the Dreamcaster Series is best enjoyed in sequence, each book may be read as a stand alone.




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