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Mystery, Suspense

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing


Vivid memories of life in Margaret Ann’s isolated home are woven into the fabric of her life, creating a spellbinding sequence of events that alternately exhibit hope, humor, sadness, and horror, accompanied by an omnipresent atmosphere of danger lurking at every turn. Some danger is imaginary, but often, events are accompanied by dire risks with extreme consequences. Never without ambition, she bravely faces many challenges while forging security for her family. Seeking to overcome fears and dangers and doubting at times whether events are mere coincidence, she solves an accidentally discovered puzzle. Successfully insulating her family from harm until they leave home, she tries to escape danger by making a drastic move. But mysterious foes pursue her regardless of where she travels. Feeling forced to return to her roots, she miraculously learns the ultimate truth and is rewarded in the end.


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John W. Ridley is the son of the Appalachians and born of humble means.  Early in life, John voraciously absorbed the customs, folklore, and memories of characters of the region. Ambition prohibited his succumbing to the lifestyle prevalent in the region, regardless of the people and beauty of the land. Fortified with ambition but few resources, the author left the familiarity of the only home he had known following high school. Naive and ill-equipped, he was left to face a world fraught with challenges.


Few have experienced the breadth of the author’s background of military, medical, and educational occupations, with publication of several prior books as a backdrop. Uniquely molding characters to fit characters he grew up with, he is singularly equipped to write from memories of mountain life and belief systems. This background, coupled with memories of love, war, and dangerous experiences, contributes to the human touch of this book, resulting in a unique style and voice.


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