Jigsaw Hearts

Contemporary Romance / New Adult / Erotic Romance

Date Published: 1/09/2017

Price: $2.99 ebook / $15.99 paperback

Full Length, stand-alone novel

The artistic community knows me as Ren Hayden, the social media reporter to impress. My boss knows me as a talented workaholic with no life. My so-called best friend is only around to party. Nobody knows that, thanks to a messed up family life, I buried the girl I was meant to be years ago behind a sort of mental switch that stops me from feeling anything I don’t want to feel. Likewise, nobody knows that addictions to philanthropy, cigarettes, and meaningless sex keep that switch in tip-top shape. In fact, the only person who truly knows me is Seth, my criminal of a brother who would do anything for me--except he just decided to jump off the cliffs at Beachy Head with no explanation.

Left alone to navigate Seth’s pre-planned series of notes and fix one of his deadliest mistakes, my ‘switch’ goes on the fritz. It doesn’t help that I wind up having to spend time with the neurotic girlfriend Seth conned. And well, she has a brother.

Galen Zabriese is nothing I can afford to be near and everything the world needs to be a better place--although he would certainly say different on both counts. And for some reason, he sees right through me. He knows I’m hiding things. And no matter what I say or do, he can’t keep his hands off me....