Father Knows Death

Paranormal Cozy

Date Published: 10/29/18

Price: 99¢

Twin Witches. New Magic. Double Trouble.

Two weeks after their birthday, twins Joy and Didi discover they’re going through The Change” also known as the time when late-blooming witches get their magic.

That would be fun news except they descend from a line of ancient witches with magic that skews evil. To make sure they're not following in their ancestor's footsteps, the Witches High Council demands they prove their innocence by undergoing "a trial." But this is no ordinary trial.

In order to prove their innocence, the twins have to help a mortal solve the death of his true love while proving their internal goodness.

With the help of their rule-breaking, witch mom, their fairy godparents—the Greek Titaness Themis and Death—and their suicidal client, Didi and Joy find themselves immersed in a world of mortal mob crime, magic, and even a ghost.

Will they pass the test, or will they be sentenced to death?

If you love paranormal witch cozies with cats, comedy, and a touch of romance, you'll love this new cozy mystery series. Book One in the Series. Each book complete. Read in any order.

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