Earth Shattering

Time Travel Romance

Date Published: May 10, 2017

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A dedicated musician flung into the past. An unexpected love. A world about to be torn apart by a devastating series of earthquakes.

Immersed in her career as a violin teacher and performer, Tori doesn’t have time for relationships. After a streak of bad luck lands her in danger, Tori finds herself transported two hundred years into the past, courtesy of a mysterious necklace loaned to her by a friend. Unsure how to return to her own time, Tori struggles to fit into an unfamiliar world without the modern conveniences she took for granted. She comes to depend on Sebastien, captain of the keelboat whose crew pulled her from the river, and a man of honor and integrity.

As they travel down the Mississippi river, Tori searches for a way home, for only she knows that the region is about to be struck by three powerful earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks lasting for months. But even if she is successful, will she be able to leave the man who has come to mean so much to her?
Earth Shattering, the first book in the Blue Crystal Time Travel series, is a time travel romance set during the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812.