Kathy Weber - There's Got to be a Full Moon! - Book Blitz

Humor, Comedy

Humorous memoirs of a dog groomer

Date Published: April 2019

Publisher: Page Publishing


Dotty Moran has owned and operated a dog grooming business for forty-six years. She’s had enough laughs out of it to last her a lifetime. Discover the ups and downs of dog-grooming in There’s Got To Be A Full Moon!


Book Blitz - August 31st



Some people believe, "Laughter is the best form of therapy." Author Kathy Weber happens to be one of them.

Everyone has had days when all they want to do is scream, "There's Got To Be A Full Moon!!!" Kathy, who has owned and operated a dog grooming business for 46 years, has had plenty of these days. She has seen a lot of crazy things and has had enough laughs to last her a lifetime. Kathy and Brad, her loving canine companion, have decided to let you in on some of their experiences.

Though Kathy is first and foremost a dog groomer, she has served in multiple capacities: Dog day care provider, veterinarian, professional dog breeder, expert on raising of puppies, authority on caring for older dogs, groomer of cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets and stuffed animals

In addition to all of this she's been known to perform miracles!

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