Julie Barbera - Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection - Release Blitz

Christian Self-Help; Self-Help Personal Growth 

Publisher: Inspireu2Action Inc 

Date Published: Sept. 6, 2019 

A pursuit for perfection may drive you to do more, have more and be more—but at what cost? 

In Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection, author and life coach Julie Barbera invites you on a journey from fear and doubt to discover your confidence. After struggling with an illusion of whom and what she should be, clear reflections in her cracked mirror gave her the courage to take a chance. 

Freedom is on the other side of expectations—freedom from a feeling of not being good enough, fear of what others think and a need to be perfect to begin new projects. You will learn how to do what you love, love what you do and live a life of purpose. You can become who God has called you to be. 

Perfection is an illusion. Despite the cracks, your reflection can be clear. When you look in the mirror, in weaknesses you may find your greatest strengths—and this is the clearest reflection of all.


Was I listening to God’s voice or was I unable to hear over the noise? Either way, He wanted my attention. I needed to lay some things down for a season. Perhaps then, I would hear more clearly.

My journey began with a paintbrush, pen and pencil. My manuscript was the tool. A story was written in time. I needed faith to believe.

Losing my voice left me like a painter without a paintbrush. Forced into silence, I unwillingly opened my art box and placed the paintbrush of vocal expression inside. I thought to myself, What will life be like if I can’t speak my mind?

In search of a tool to replace my voice’s paintbrush, I found eyes to see and ears to hear. More aware, I noticed a blunt pencil in the box. I turned to God and asked, “Why is this pencil so dull?” He responded, “That is the pencil I have been using to write on your heart. I have had to press hard to get your attention.”

At that moment, I exchanged my paintbrush for a pen. God and I began to write in unison. I had a pen in hand, and He held a dull pencil. But something was different. For the first time in my life, I was listening to my heart.

Release Blitz - September 6th

Julie Barbera is a life coach and the president of Inspireu2Action. It is her mission to help you to find balance, become the most authentic version of yourself and break through to your potential. This passion comes from finding a purpose in her life.

Writing Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection gave Julie the confidence to step out. After years of struggling with an illusion of whom and what she should be, clear reflections in her cracked mirror gave her the courage to take a chance.

God gave Julie the gift of language. Self-taught in four languages beyond English, her goal is to use this gift to impact as many lives as possible. Julie is on a journey to do what she loves, love what she does and live with purpose. She resides in Florida with her husband German and two young sons, Sebastian and Deangelo.

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