Jeanne-Rachel Salomon, PhD - Soul Matters - Book Blitz

Modern Science Confirming Ancient Wisdom - Healing at the Interface of Spirit and Matter

Spirituality, New Age

Date Published: February 2019

Publisher: Balboa Press 


Soul Matters presents Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon’s research into the millennia-old shamanic healing modality of Soul Retrieval. During actual shamanic healing sessions, Dr. Salomon utilized QEEG Brain Mapping and DFM blood work to monitor the body-mind system of both the client and herself. The scientific results of her work allow her to conclude that the fundamentals of the shamanic healing method are aligned with quantum principals and that the phenomenon of soul leaving and soul returning happens on the quantum-level of existence. The results of her study confirm the relevance of quantum physics’ tenets of non-locality, tangled hierarchy and discontinuity inside shamanic healing.


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Jeanne-Rachel Salomon, PhD studied anthropology and then quantum medicine, receiving her Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine (concentration on consciousness). She studied with indigenous shamans and Western healers and has twenty years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, focusing on soul retrieval for trauma resolution.

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