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Book 9 in The Enigma Series

 Date Published: 

September 2017 (Paperback and eBook)

Jun 10 2019 (Audio Formats on Audible and iTunes)

Publisher: ICABOD Press

Mike and Marge control ePETRO, an oil shipping business with offices in London and New York, but they don't have the same business goals in mind. Marge intends to sell the North Koreans uranium in addition to oil obtained illegally from the government sanctioned Middle East. But Mike may have other plans, mainly, keeping the profits of these sales for himself.

Then there is the shadowy Steven Christopher, who oversees the information runners who are charged with staying off the grid, is working several angles behind the scenes. Steven is the only one trusted by both Marge and Mike, but why?

Do the vast amounts of information and technology available hold humans’ hostage? Do analog communications sidestep your vulnerability in a digital world?

As Juan and Julie Rodríguez send their operatives, Ernesto, Tyler, Summit, Mercedes, Brayson, and George out across the globe to track down these foot soldiers also known as Analog Information Mules, they'll discover the horrible potential treats, and learn about each other along the way.

Julie heads to London to fill the gap undercover inside ePetro, when she finds herself in the center of all the trouble. When Julie disappears, Juan drops everything to find her.

Even with all their information gathering sources and machinery, the R-Group fears she is lost.

Award winning authors, Breakfield and Burkey, take readers on a new techno thriller adventure with their 9th book in The Enigma Series. The Enigma Dragon is chilling journey across four continents, and twelve cities that uncovers terrifying possibilities of what is to become of our world if the CATS team cannot defeat our enemies.


What are Readers saying

KirkusAstute prose and an unwavering pace energized by first-rate characters and subplots.”

The action could be considered exciting and visceral, but the antagonists are the selling points for this book, lifting the plot out of multiple perspectives and scene-shifting (the action takes place across four continents).”

“Any lover of thrillers or techno-thrillers will enjoy this book a lot.”

“The clever ingenuity in this book astounds me (the holy man... so quickly creative!)”


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Breakfield – A renowned technology solutions architect with 25+ years of experience in security, hybrid data/telecom environments, unified communications, enjoys leveraging his professional skills in creating these contemporary TechnoThriller stories. He likes studying World War II history, travel, and cultural exchanges everywhere he can. Charles’ love of wine tastings, cooking, and Harley riding has found ways into The Enigma Series. He is convinced that being a part of his father’s military career in various outposts, has positively contributed to his many characters and the various character perspectives he brings into the series. He has accepted the challenge to try to teach Burkey humor and has added this to the stories in an unexpected manner.

Burkey – A renowned customer experience, business architect optimizes customer solutions on their technology foundation. She has been a featured speaker, subject matter expert, interviewer, instructor, and author of technology documents, as well as co-author of The Enigma Series. It was revealed a few years ago that writing fiction is a lot more fun than white papers or documentation and Rox took it to heart. As a child she helped to lead the other kids with exciting new adventures built on make believe characters. As a Girl Scout until high school she also contributed to the community in the Head Start program. Rox enjoys family, learning, listening to people, any kind of travel, outdoors, sewing, cooking, and imagining the possibilities.

Breakfield & Burkey – Combine their professional expertise, knowledge of the world from both business and personal travels, many characters whom have crossed their paths are a part of the series character universe. They find it interesting to use the aspects of technology people are actually incorporating into their daily lives and make it one aspect a primary theme for each story. Breakfield & Burkey claim this is a perfect way to create stories that pit the cyber good guys versus the cyber bad guys. The books in this award-winning series can be thoroughly enjoyed alone or in sequence.

You can invite them to talk about their stories in private or public book readings. Burkey also enjoys interviewing authors through the Indie Beacon/iHeart Radio programs with dates of interviews showing inside the calendar page of their website Followers can see them at various book fairs, book Stores, Comic Book events, libraries and other fun venues.


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