Mark P. Friedlander - Leonardo da Vinci Gets a Do-Over - PROMO Blitz

Innovators in Action, Book One

Juvenile Fiction

Publisher: Science, Naturally!

The passing of great Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci—artist, anatomist, engineer, inventor—marked the end of an era. The world hasn't seen a visionary like him since.

… Until now. On a school trip to Florence, three American middle school students think they are in for a treat when a man who claims to be Leonardo da Vinci, brought back to life with a mission to better humankind, crashes their tour. Too bad he isn't really the celebrated Master of the Renaissance … or is he? Tag along as Max, Tad, and Gina assist Leonardo on his quest while discovering the secrets of his life and teaching the Maestro about science, math, history, art, and more! Will the students be able to help Leonardo evade the mayor of Florence's selfish grasp so he can complete his quest before his time is up… again?

Leonardo da Vinci Gets A Do-Over is the first adventure in this new and exciting Innovators in Action blended fiction series.


 PROMO Blitz - October 19th

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Mark P. Friedlander, Jr. is an attorney in Fairfax, VA. An Air Force pilot in the Korean War, he loves studying technology, history and science. He has written extensively, for both adult and young adult audiences, on subjects ranging from Shakespeare to aviation history, contagious diseases to forensic science. He can be reached at


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