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Contemporary Fiction, Business Fiction

A Novel Approach to Outrunning the Pace of Change

Date Published: July 2018

 Publisher: CC Productions

The pace of change is escalating and running your business so that it remains relevant and you keep pace with that change is exceedingly difficult. Walk in the shoes of Andrea Lane, an interim VP at a struggling company faced with having to make massive change in a very short period of time. Listen in on her conversations with management and employees alike as she attempts to gain trust and move her organization forward during fast-paced and troubling times.



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In 1984, Gary Brose bought his first business computer and learned firsthand the lessons of change. Over the years, he built his companies up, ever mindful that the business world was not only changing rapidly, but the pace of that change was increasing as well. Today's small business person has to wear many hats, read constantly, learn new skills, and help his employees do the same in a never-ending battle to stay ahead of the pace of change. In 2008, he wrote Bonus Your Way to Profits and in 2012, he penned The Ultimate Motivated Employee. Express Exec is his first novel.

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