The Young Widow

Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction,

Date Published: August, 2016

Sale Price: $2.99

Joan Sax has just reached fifty, just celebrated a decade of marriage, and just buried a beloved husband. Haunted by the circumstances of his death, she feels alone and adrift. She no longer knows who she is; she only knows her life doesn’t have to be over. In her search to find out who she’s become, Joan embarks on a week-long Caribbean cruise. On board, she meets Sam, a charming doctor with his own share of emotional baggage.

Joan’s demons, her vulnerability, and her depression are more than mere stumbling blocks on the road to a fulfilling ever-after. Thought-provoking, The Young Widow sensitively explores the challenges of moving beyond personal tragedy and delves into difficult ethical issues fraught with consequences that echo through more than one lifetime



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