Killing Bliss

Romantic Suspense

Date Published:  2014

Sale Price:  $0.99

One dead body can really mess up your life . . .

Addy Michaels, living her reclusive life on a forgotten back road, believes she's safe—that the past and its bloody corpses are long buried and forgotten. She’s wrong.

Digging up the past is what renowned criminal profiler, Cade Harding, does—and he’s expert at it. Cade reopens the Belle Bliss cold case and tracks Addy to her remote cabin on Star Lake. Addy is terrified. His investigation could put everyone she’s ever loved in prison. Including her . . . 

Falling for Cade, the man who holds the power to destroy her life, is the stupidest thing she can do. 

She does it anyway.

Cade’s looking for more than Belle Bliss’s killer, he’s looking for the toddler kidnapped the night of her murder. He believes Addy knows more about that deadly night than she’ll admit. He’s right. 

What’s wrong is his attraction to this stubborn, mysterious woman. It screws with his head.