Cowboy Kind of Trouble

Contemporary Western Romance

Date Published: 9/28/18

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Will Baxter lost the use of his legs, his wife, and his bull riding career in a car wreck caused by a man he believes wants to steal his ranch. Made miserable because of how limited his life seems, his half-brother convinces him to hire a home healthcare aide. He doesn’t need a babysitter or a warden and he certainly doesn’t need anyone’s pity. Only justice for what was done to him. But when Jessi Dixon strolls through his door, even Will’s stormy moods can’t cast a shadow on her sunny disposition.

Jessi’s met her share of cranky clients and Will’s got most of them beat by a mile. He thinks he’s confined to his wheelchair and his ranch forever, but with a some tough love, she knows she can get him back out into the world. Little by little, Will’s stony heart thaws and Jessi starts to fall for him. The trouble is, he sees danger everywhere since his accident. His half-brother doesn’t believe him and she’s not sure what to think. When Will tries to push her away for her own safety, she won’t take his bullheadedness lying down. But the man gunning for Will isn’t a figment of his imagination. It’s not only Will’s ranch at stake, but his life and the promise of new love with Jessi.

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