Family and Parenting

Date Published: March 2016

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Want closer relationships with your family? Get your family members excited to spend time with you.

Discover how to get ALL of your family members involved in activities and eager to spend more time together. Find team building exercises that you can use to work out family conflicts. Learn how to customize activities for YOUR specific family- including different age groups, family structures and even families with special needs. Utilize family directed money making activities and money saving activities to make a difference in how your family spends its time. This intensive resource has every kind of fun and frugal activity that you and your family will enjoy. You will never hear “I’m bored” again.

This book is for any parents that want to build bonds with your family that will last a lifetime. If you want to spend more quality time with your family at little or no cost then you are in the right place



Date Published: Jan 12, 2016

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Besides gardening, this book details uses for flowers after they bloom that include: aromatherapy, pressing, and recipes for edibles.