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 An Adam Fraley Mystery

Crime Mystery

Published: October 2019

Publisher: Melange Books


A grieving father goes missing following the gruesome death of his three-year-old daughter in an accident directly attributed to his own negligence. For reasons both personal and professional, private investigator Adam Fraley takes on the task of tracking down the father at the request of the dead child’s older sibling. In a case fraught with intrigue, danger, and the overhanging threat of family disintegration. Fraley’s search ultimately takes him to remote regions of Haiti where he discovers he is not the only one in search of the father. Soon, he finds himself entangled in the tentacles of a lucrative international insurance scam involving the falsification of death records. Fraley’s probing is viewed by the crime syndicate’s masterminds as a serious threat to their continued existence, leading its operatives to mark the private investigator for elimination before he exposes them.


 Book Blitz - November 13th


Henry Hoffman is a former newspaper editor and public library director whose works have appeared in a variety of literary and trade publications. He is the author of the Adam Fraley Mystery Series and a past recipient of the Florida Publishers Association's Gold Medal Award for Florida Fiction.


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