M. Black - Animal Graph - Review Tour

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Post Apocalyptic Adventure
Date Published: June 2017
Publisher: Eloquent Enraptures Publishing

42 years after a nuclear war, King Borran Khan rules North and South America, while experimenting on prisoners. By implementing grafting procedures, the king fuses animal cells and neural tissues into the prisoner’s bodies. Afterward, they become what is known as Graphed. He releases the prisoners into the Amazon to be hunted in order to train his Graphed soldiers into becoming better killing machines. But when Jin and Adan escape and forge a friendship in the Amazon, they must learn the secrets of their Animal Graph, traverse through breath-taking landscapes and dodge strange new irradiated creatures before finally making it home in Venezuela and Guatemala. In this SFF Post Apocalyptic Adventure, join Jin and Adan for a 6 part story! 

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M.Black graduated UCF and packed her bags for Asia. Living in Thailand for almost seven years and visiting many neighboring countries has helped shape her point of view. A lover of the Earth, nature, wildlife, robotics, and future technology, M.Black brings you a new brand of books called ENTER TOMORROW.

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