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Police Procedural/Crime Thriller

Date Published: 3/16/2017


A young woman stands, unmoving, on a small wooden bridge, eyes unseeing, chest still.

When a woman's body is discovered, horrifically preserved and posed in a public park, FBI profiler Zoe Bentley is called in to investigate. The killer isn’t done… staged corpses turn up all over Chicago, each of them strangled, embalmed and posed as if still alive.

Zoe, a civilian consultant for the Bureau's Behavioral Analysis Unit and an outsider, is met with resistance, skepticism, and disdain at every step of the investigation. To make things worse, she's been partnered with Special Agent Tatum Gray, a loose cannon with little regard for the rules. Side by side, they need to piece together the killer’s psyche, and predict his next move.

As if that's not enough, new evidence surfaces about a grisly string of murders from the past... murders in Zoe's home town. Crimes that have haunted her for twenty years. Now, Zoe needs to face the demons from her childhood and figure out the killer's twisted fantasies... or more women will die.


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Mike Omer is the author of the Glenmore Park Mystery Series, and the Zoe Bentley Mystery Series. In the past, he's been a journalist, a game developer, and the CEO of the company Loadingames. He is married to a woman who diligently forces him to live his dream, and is the father of an angel, a pixie, and a gremlin. He has two voracious hounds that wag their tail quite menacingly at anyone who comes near his home.

Mike loves to write about true-to-life people who are perpetrators or victims of crimes. He also likes writing funny stuff. He mixes these two loves quite passionately into his mystery books.

You can contact Mike by sending him an e-mail to mike@strangerealm.com


Contact Information

Website: http://strangerealm.com/mikeomer/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authormikeomer/



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