Samuel Laguna - Uncle Polecat Goes to Hollywood - PROMO Blitz

Children's Book
Date Published: 9/1/17
Publisher: ITService-Excellence.Com

An action-packed, do-gooders, interactive adventure story loaded with audio narration, cool music, video and 3D animation, pop-up widgets, maps, and review questions that allow the reader to foretell what happens next in the story.  Your children will think they’re watching an exciting play on your iPad.  If your child is into skateboards, airplanes, technology and being a good friend, then this is the iBook for them.  Uncle PoleCat goes to Hollywood is total interactive fun for the whole family.

Three young friends win a science contest and a trip to Hollywood, Ca.  Things are going great during their vacation until their dog, Freckles is dognapped by evil villains and their guardian is hospitalized.  The kids have no one to turn to and call Uncle PoleCat to get Freckles back and get them out of a terrible jam. 

Uncle PoleCat, an amazing ferret with super powers and his best pal Snake travel from the magical town of Mount McHenry all the way to Hollywood.  He and Snake meet up with the kids and check in on Mr. McHenry.  After visiting McHenry, Uncle PoleCat and the kids orgnize a search for Freckles.  The clues lead to the desert hideout where freckles is being fattened up for a feast by Rudi The Rat.

Uncle PoleCat and Snake outsmart Rudi and his henchmen and win back Freckles but not before two other kids are captured by Rudi.  All ends well, as the kids are reunited with Old Man McHenry and they finish their vacation in Hollywood and Uncle PoleCat and Snake go back home to finish their vacation.

PROMO Blitz - October 29th

A family man and father of four kids, Samuel Laguna was a leader of an elite IT troubleshooting team that served The Best Beverages Company executives for 35 years.  He was dropped into volatile situations all over the world like a power ranger to resolve cyber attacks and technology issues.  Retired now, Sam spends his time writing fiction stories that leverage his tech background.  He's creating innovative children's adventure storybooks that integrate illustrations, audio, 3D animation and music in an iBook.  Parents say, "All of this creativity helps spark the imaginations of young readers and makes reading fun."  No matter what book Sam writes, you can count on his storytelling to be colorful, witty and provide life-lessons that make all readers laugh out loud.

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