Frank Preston - Poetic Freedom - Week Blitz

Poetry / African American / YA / NA

Date Published: (Planned) October, 30th, 2017

Publisher: Phenomenal One Press



Poetic Freedom.

A raw, gritty, urban poetic expression with an exploration of choices we have to make at the crossroads of life. The thoughts are honest, harsh, but hopeful. A perception of the media that feeds us, the spirituality that we cling to, the expectations of the society we are a part of, and how a young man fights to decipher, decide and climb the path not easily traveled, but most strengthened. 

~Excerpt from Poem THE TEST by Frank Preston

Pain and frustration the fuel for admiration 
Admiring the world’s temptations till they become motivation 
When the sensation of success is worn as a vest 
They say he's blessed but that depends on the quest 

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Frank 'ThatGuy' Preston, is an artist with a powerful  voice. His journey as a comedian, author and motivator didn't come easily and has lead him to have give back to the community by coaching kids, co-creating new sports, and sharing his growth through comedic videos, in person performances, his art and writing. He challenges the minds of his readers to see life through a different scope. As a speaker he explains the difficulties of life as a minority in a world that doesn’t accept him, and how anyone who is mistreated for their differences can overcome them to grow to be great. Frank positions himself as many other artist, writers, and speakers of today, but stands apart in his ability to speak the truth with no bounds.


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Facebook Author Page : FrankThatguy22/ 

Twitter: eatmyfrank11?lang=en

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