Spend a year in France attending a French high school and living with French families. Make new friends and come back fluent in French!

France (Rombas exchange)

Description of Program:

Among the oldest high school exchanges in the country, the Rombas exchange is for one student for a full academic year. The student, typically a sophomore, lives with several French families over the course of the year and takes a typical French student’s course load, including math, science, history, language, and electives. Due to the length of the experience and its associative immersion element, students return with excellent French language skills which they have traditionally brought to bear successfully on the AP French exam. It is also important to mention the overall impact such an experience has on a young person’s confidence, sense of independence, and worldliness.

At WHS, we welcome our French participant for a full year as well, with four different host families (one for each quarter). Families of participating WHS students are expected to host the French participant for one quarter for two successive years. Host families are asked to treat their visitor not as a guest but as one of their own children to ensure a safe and appropriate experience.

Eligibility: This is an annual opportunity for sophomores or juniors. Priority given to those who study French

Dates: September - June

Max students : 1

Travel Company: N/A

Estimated Cost: $ 3,500

Other key information:

Candidates are strongly encouraged to have studied some French to facilitate their integration and maximize their learning while abroad.


February, 2017