Explore Machu Picchu, participate in rich and meaningful service, and learn about the rich Incan Culture. 

Description of Program:

This trip combines sightseeing with opportunities to meet local inhabitants and participate in a two day service program in a village in the Andes. Upon arrival in Lima we visit the Museo Larco to see Incan artifacts and then enjoy lunch in Miraflores, a neighborhood of Lima. We spend the next several days learning about the Inca and seeing how they lived. Some of the places we visit are Sacsayhuaman (religious site and fortress), Ollantaytambo (Inca site and town were descendents currently still live) and, of course, the breathtaking Machu Picchu.  Other excursions include a visit to Pisco to visit an alpaca farm and Cusco, to see the cathedral. The culminating event of the trip is the two-day service learning component in Umasbamba, where students help villagers with projects that they would otherwise not be able to complete. Some past projects have included plastering, painting, gardening and building fences. Students also help harvest potatoes and meet local school children. Students have truly enjoyed this well-rounded trip as it speaks to many different types of interests.

Eligibility: This trip runs roughly every other year and is open to all HS Spanish students. 

2017 Dates: Not offered

Max students : 20/Chaperone ratio 6:1

Travel Company: EF

Estimated Cost: $ 3,700 
(all inclusive- except lunch)

Other key information:

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