HS Hispanic Literature/French Intermediate Honors

Description of Program:

This program offers a chance for students to see a performance in Spanish and French in New York City. Also part of this trip is an authentic Hispanic and French dinner in the heart of the city. Time will also be dedicated to visiting the Guggenheim Art Museum to view Spanish, Latin American, and French art.  

Eligibility: This trip runs roughly every other year and is open to all HS Hispanic Lit students and French Intermediate Honors students. 

2017 Dates: December

Max students : 20/Chaperone ratio 6:1

Travel Company: Mulvihill Travel Co.

Estimated Cost: $ 400 

Other key information:

This is open to students in AP Spanish Literature and Culture, as well as Honors Hispanic Literature. Students taking French may also enroll as well. The amount of students participating depends on the number of students enrolled in the courses above.