El Salvador

Description of Program:

Through an independent study class held throughout the spring semester, students prepare to participate thoughtfully and knowledgeably in an “Introduction to Human Rights” course, designed and customized by WHS faculty, and held onsite at Cristosal’s Global School in El Salvador. The Cristosal’s Global School describes the course as an "Introduction to Human Rights," Although the term “human rights” as a relatively modern term, the concept that all human beings are equal can be traced back centuries in human history. In this course, participants will explore this history, focusing on the evolution of human rights theory and practice. Using the Salvadoran context as a case study, participants will meet human rights defenders and analyze contemporary challenges to human rights in this context. Groups may choose to focus the course on a particular aspect of human rights (e.g. forced displacement, the presence of gang violence in children's lives, etc.) so there is some student autonomy and decision-making that builds buy-in on the part of the group. Students are expected to complete a capstone project with presentation to the wider school community.

Eligibility: This trip is offered every year and is open to all HS students with priority given to students of Spanish

2017 Dates: Not offered

Max students : 12/Chaperone ratio 6:1

Travel Company: Walking Tree

Estimated Cost: $ 2,000 

Other key information:

Although knowledge of Spanish is advantageous, students of other languages are encouraged to apply and take part in this opportunity, as the Cristosal Global School employs spontaneous translators that provide fluid and immediate translation for all workshop interactions