China Exchange

China (Luoyang exchange)

Description of Program:

Weston High School has enjoyed a sister relationship with Luoyang Number 1 High School in Luoyang China since 2008, when this exchange was developed. What is unusual about this program is that we welcome approximately 10 students into Weston homes for 2 to 3 weeks in the fall, but our reciprocal experience is a two month stay during third quarter for 2 or 3 students. These students live in Luoyang Number 1 High School dorms for a portion of their stay, and with families during the Chinese New Year holiday (a 3 week-long vacation). Although students attend classes and study halls at night they are not responsible for the classwork. They are however responsible for much of their WHS 3d quarter work so study halls and Teacherweb are crucial. WHS also offers a ten day trip to Luoyang and environs for 10 - 15 students over the April break. Approximate cost: $3000

Eligibility: This opportunity is offered every year and is open to all HS Mandarin students. 

2017 Dates: 3d quarter

Max students : 3

Travel Company: N/A

Estimated Cost: 
$ 1,750

Other key information:

For sophomore or junior students of Mandarin


2 students for the two month exchange