Brazil Exchange

Brazil (Porto Alegre)

Description of Program:

Weston’s partnership with Porto Alegre has existed since 1960, originally as a full year experience. Now a one semester stay, WHS students travel to Brazil over our summer (their winter) which limits missed WHS class time yet allows students a mid-academic year experience in a Brazilian high school. Although knowledge of Portuguese is not a requirement for participation, students taking part are encouraged to learn some Portuguese prior to their trip to ease their transition, as instruction will be in Portuguese. Families of participating WHS students are expected to host the Brazilian participant for at least one of the two quarters. Host families are asked to treat their visitor not as a guest but as one of their own children to ensure a safe and appropriate experience.

Eligibility: This opportunity is offered every year and is open to all HS students. 

2017 Dates: Summer

Max students : 1

Travel Company: N/A

Estimated Cost: $ 2,000 

Other key information:

February, 2017