Three weeks living with a family and exploring Argentina

Description of Program:

This is an opportunity for students to spend 3 weeks studying and enhancing their knowledge of the Spanish language and Argentinean culture in one of Latin America's most prestigious high schools, The Northlands School.  Students will be living with an Argentinean host family whose child also attends the school, and who will later travel to stay with the student here in Weston for 3 weeks as well. Several field trips are also included in this exchange program. Some examples of previous trips are to various different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, to El Tigre, and to a Gaucho ranch. The only expense of this program is the cost of the flights to Buenos Aires and the back to Boston. Spending money is also needed.

Eligibility: This exchange runs every year and is open to all HS Spanish students. 

2017 Dates: August/September

Max students : 2

Travel Company: N/A

Estimated Cost: $ 2,000 

Other key information:

This is a very competitive program which accepts only 2 students annually.