HS Argentina

Description of Program:

The trip provides a wonderful blend of typical tourist attraction visits with immersion style activities that allow students to delve into cultural activities with a linguistic bent; real opportunities to practice Spanish in an authentic environment. The trip has a unique element that none of our other trips possess, that is, the possibility to visit an exchange partner school (the Northlands School) just outside of Buenos Aires. WHS and the Northlands have been engaged in an exchange program for several years so there is the possibility that a one day visit could be part of this trip. The trip includes 3 days in Buenos Aires (and includes a tango show and dance lessons for students), with two in the provinces (including a gaucho ranch visit with horseback riding), and another day in neighboring Uruguay.

Eligibility: This trip runs roughly every other year and is open to all HS Spanish students. 

2017 Dates: Not offered

Max students : 18/Chaperone ratio 6:1

Travel Company: Explorica

Estimated Cost: $ 4,000 

Other key information: