The purpose of supervision and evaluation is to sustain and develop best teaching practices. Your evaluator will visit your classroom/place of practice to provide you with specific feedback, to help you meet your instructional goals, to share new techniques to use in your instruction, to assist you in problem-solving, to help you to focus on improving specific weaknesses, and to make informed decisions about your ability to create a learning environment for your students.

Visualizing the Evaluation Process

The chart below presents the relationship between a performance ranking (e.g., Proficient) and the growth plan (e.g., 2-year Self-Directed Growth Plan). 

All Non-PTS educators are placed on a 1-year Developing Educator Plan for every year they are Non-PTS. As we do not use student impact data to date, the majority of PTS educators are on 2-year Self-Directed Growth Plans.

What we believe:

The most important parts of evaluation are the conversations about teaching and learning.

Conversations need to be timely and meaningful.

We are all growing in our respective practices; and our evaluation model is growing as well.

“The learning environment…will stimulate and support all students…”
— Vision Statement Weston Public Schools