Business Study Skills

Choosing to study business at WBS, at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, means you are embarking on an exciting and challenging adventure. There are many reasons to do this but one thing is for sure; you will want to do as well as you can in your studies.

A key to making the most of your time here and graduating with the best result you can achieve is ‘learning how to learn’ - developing the attitudes and study skills that will help you to achieve both here and in whatever direction your career moves. The key skills valued by business are closely related to study skills, so use your time at WBS not just to get great results but also to develop the capabilities that will impress employers. Solid study skills are essential for success at WBS and learning to balance multiple demands is valuable to many different career paths. 

 Just what are study skills?

Study skills are a collection of study habits, learning strategies, and time management tools that help you to participate in, learn from and absorb lessons and other forms of study. Learning is about much more than simply accessing and memorising information. Developing good academic skills will help you achieve the success that reflects your full potential.  Most of the skills you will develop during your studies are transferable to future careers, so can help you after you have left the University.

Don’t forget, you have been exposed to academic skills from a very early age, often without even realizing it. The practice of daily homework, for instance, helps elementary students learn how to manage their time. Reading and discussing a book chapter by chapter emphasizes the importance of breaking large assignments into smaller, more digestible chunks, and keeping a daily journal of thoughts or a science lab notebook reinforces the notion of note taking and self-review.

So why should I continue to work on these skills?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Studying at a UK-based university is different to secondary education and may be different to your experience of how HE is taught in other countries
  • You may have come through an educational system that values different aspects of education. For instance attitudes to the acceptability of copying information may vary
  • Your home learning culture may value different things to the culture at WBS – if so you will need to learn new attitudes and approaches if you are to make the most of opportunities
  • A particular  feature of university study is that you will be working independently some of the time and whilst this can be very exciting, this may be a new experience for you

And most importantly:

  • Even if you are confident in your study skills, we all can improve and need to embrace new approaches and ideas as they arise.



Students' views on studying at WBS

To make the most of your time at WBS you should learn to organize your time, your notes, and your study habits in order to effectively progress through your classes. Fortunately, there is lots of support available to you.

These ‘business study skills’ pages will give you an overview of some of the key areas, together with student and staff views, and links where you can find out more and/or make a start in improving your skills

Once you are studying here, your formal learning will include some focus on helping you learn or further develop key skills. Make the most of these.

If you identify particular skills you want to work on, you can book a 45-minute, one-to-one appointment with an Academic Learning Development Adviser or a Study Skills Adviser. For more information follow this link