Study@WBS aims to provide you with insights about our School and introduce the business study skills which will help you to be successful here.

We have organised the Business Study Skills tab into three areas: learning and teaching; academic practice; and personal development. Each topic provides a summary of points and video clips. These videos will let you hear from our current students and staff. Further information is available via a variety of web links.

How to use Study@WBS?

There are many different ways of using this site. You can find out more about the School and keep up with what people are saying about us. You can improve your study skills by working through the skills tab methodically - start at the beginning and work through it to the end. Or, watch the videos - students and/or staff. Alternatively, you could explore one or more skills in depth.

Finally, use this site when you arrive at WBS. It provides guidance on many topics that will help you do well on your degree.

Prof. Malcolm Kirkup

Dean - Westminster Business School

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