Feedback+ is all about trying to help students reflect on what they know or have learned. It can give them new suggestions or reinforce what they already know.

Feedback+ can be used before a task is attempted (e.g. writing an essay, working as a group, giving a presentation).

Alternatively Feedback+ can be used after a task or exercise is completed and some feedback has been received.

Feedback+ can be used as a key component of a Making Assessment Count (MAC) process. In a MAC process students are taken through a clearly defined process of reflection on feedback and subsequent forward planning for improvement.

Find out more about the different ways that Feedback+ can be used.

Find out more about Making Assessment Count.

Making Assessment Count has been funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JIS). Feedback+ has been developed by the University of Westminster and is free to the education community.
About Feedback+
Feedback+ is a tool that occupies the middle ground between typical online testing systems and online survey tools.  It has none of the rubric associated with tests (e.g. no right or wrong answers, no marks) and unlike standard survey systems, Feedback+ returns information to the individual who completes the questionnaire.
Feedback+ Taxonomy
There are many different ways to use of Feedback+. It can be used to help students prepare for a task; or to encourage them to reflect on feedback already received. It is used to support student induction or can be directly integrated into an assessment.  Feedback+ can also be part of a wider support system (e.g. PDP or personal tutoring).
User Guides
Access the latest user guide for Feedback+. Note this guide has been compiled for users operating the Blackboard VLE.