The Development of a Curriculum and Establishment of a Regional Training Platform for Haematology in Life Sciences and Medicine

Main goal

The major objective of this project is to restructure and modernise haematology curricula for the life science and medical degrees in the Southern Caucasus (SC) and harmonize it with European standards based on ECTS system, using innovative technologies that should dramatically increase the quality of teaching and the number of highly skilled professional staff in this area of knowledge. The outcomes of the project would benefit both higher education and health care systems in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and boost regional cooperation. 

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History of collaboration between the partners

In December 2012 UoW won a prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) award  for the International Collaboration of the year for a successful  EACEA-158627-JPCR project (coordinator - Dr Nina Porakishvili)  DEVELOPMENT OF THE E-LEARNING AND DISTANCE LEARNING COURSES AND ASSESSMENT IN BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES IN THE SOUTHERN CAUCASUS. For more than two decades these Tempus funded projects, co-ordinated Peter Lydyard and Nina Porakishvili have contributed greatly to the restructuring of higher education in biomedicine in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. 

Training session in Medical Haematology

University of Murcia: 1st-14th of February, 2015 

On behalf of the coordinators and all the participants we would like to cordially thank Professor Vicente Vicente Garcia and Dr Javier Corral De La Calle for brilliantly organising this exciting training session in Murcia and Cartagena. The training further enhanced theoretical and practical skills of the Southern Caucasian clinical haematologists and contributed to the closer collaborations and links between all members of the consortium.

Nina Porakishvili and Peter Lydyard

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Training session in Haematology for Life Sciences

University of Westminster: 24th of November - 5th of December, 2014

The coordinating university of Westminster organised a very successful session in London for academics from Life Science departments in Southern Caucasian universities as part of the ongoing DECERPH project. The training was led by Dr Nina Porakishvili, Dr Mike Gordge and Professor Peter Lydyard, Dr Carol de Souza, and practical arrangements and administration were overseen by Ms Maka BakradzeThe purpose of the training was to help delegates evaluate and select teaching methods relevant to haematology courses and also to document progress in implementation of recommendations made during earlier stages of the DECERPH project.

Nina Porakishvili, Michael Gordge and Peter Lydyard