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The Grade Centre

reating a Standard Column

----- For online submission, see: Setting up Submission Points -----

For offline submission, you can create a standard column in your Grade centre allowing you to still attach marks and feedback online. 

Creating a Weighted Column

Weighted columns allow you to generate a grade based on the result of selected grade columns and their respective percentages. These are normally used to generate an indicative overall mark of all assessment tasks. E.g. two assessment tasks weighted at 70% and 30% respectively.

Making columns available/unavailable to students

A really useful tool in Blackboard is being able to hide your assignment columns from students allowing you to continually edit grades until you want to release them all in one go. 

Column Organisation 

You can hide/rearrange the columns within your Grade Centre. 

Hiding the column in this mode, does not hide any grades from students. If you wanted to hide the grades from the students, see the section on 'Making columns available/unavailable to students' at the top of this page
To edit your column organisation, hover over the 'Manage' tab and select 'Column Organisation'.
From this view, you can drag and drop columns into the correct position. Columns will be ordered from the top to the bottom of the page, so the item at the top of this page will be the first column shown in your Grade Centre. Remember to click 'Submit' to save your changes. 

To hide a column, click on the little box against the column name and hover over the 'Show/Hide' button at the bottom of the page. Select 'Hide' to hide the column from Grade Centre, and 'Show' to view it again. 

You can select more than one column at once by selecting more than one box at a time. Remember to click 'Submit' to save your changes. 


Grading Colour Codes

You can set up grading colour codes can help you to easily identify particular groups of students depending on their grade. For example, you could identify which students are potentially struggling on your module. You can assign different colours to your choice of grade boundaries. This is particularly useful for large modules with lots of students.
Students cannot see the colour code - the colours are only visible in your Grade Centre. 

View the file at the bottom of the page for how to set these up. 

Grading Schemas

Grading Schemas allow you to match mark boundaries with an alternative display on Grade Centre. This feature allows you to give non-numerical feedback such as letter grading scales, and can support the use of Grade Based Assessment. 


Downloading the Grade Centre/Uploading to the Grade Centre 

You can use the Download feature on Blackboard to create a copy of your Grade Centre in Microsoft Excel. 

From your Grade Centre hover over the 'Upload/Download' tab and select 'Download'. 

You can manually enter grades into this spreadsheet, and then upload the file back to Grade Centre selecting 'Upload' from the 'Upload/Download' tab. 

The grades you have entered will be automatically inserted into Grade Centre against each student. 
It is important that you do not edit the spreadsheet, other than changing the grades. 

Assignment File Download

Instructors can download students work in two ways, either individually or as a bulk download which will create a zipped file with the documents contained.


Submitting Grade Centre to Student Admin 

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