What We Do:
The Writing Center offers supplemental writing instruction to the entire Mount Saint Mary College Community, supporting students, staff, and faculty. 

How We Do It:
For students, the primary way to use the Writing Center is by making an appointment for a writing consultation with one of our specially trained Writing Center tutors. Using our online scheduling system, you can book a 50-minute appointment to discuss your writing and your writing assignments. Through these one-on-one consultations, tutors assist writers through any and all phases of the writing process: brainstorming and organizing ideas; structuring sentences, paragraphs, and essays; strengthening argumentation; incorporating research and appropriate systems of citation; improving grammar and style; and more!

As a member of the larger Mount community, the Writing Center also sponsors various writing-related events and programs and works closely with faculty in order to support the teaching and assessment of writing in all the disciplines, thereby working to engender a culture of writing on campus.

Why We Do It:
The Writing Center is committed to the enrichment of Mount students; we are here to equip the members of our community with the writing skills they will need to effectively communicate and succeed in all their future endeavors. 

Want More?
If you have any questions about the Writing Center, feel free to get in touch with us using the contact information listed to the left.