1.When is an Event Request Form needed ? 

Whenever you need to schedule a room or an event in college space.

Please keep in mind that many support services, such as I.T., catering, and Facilities, require ten days notice to help support your event.

2.What Factors Affect Securing Space or Services ?

Due to limited resources, submitting an event form does not guarantee that any or all space/ services/equipment requested will be available.

3. What  is the  process ? 

Once you Submit an Event request form, the planning starts.

If you chose the" Request" option you will receive a response in 24 hours.

Events checks to see if the space/ date/time requested is available.

Please remember  that a " Room Request" means that you are using a room "as is" and require no additional services.

If you chose the  " Event" option, that means you require Facilities set up, IT help, Catering or other Services.

If you chose to submit the " Event"  form, Events checks to see if the space/date/time requested is available. An electronic notification is then sent to service providers (IT, Sodexo, Marketing, Facilities and Security) for their  approval. 

An email indicating the status of your request is sent to the event planner (YOU).
In 48 hours you will be notified of all services and space available for your event .

Please follow the instructions in the email message you receive.

4.What is an Event ID ?
Once you have received your final e-mail  for your event, you will also receive an event  ID#. The event ID# must  be used by the event planner when submitting all other related service needs for the  event.

 5.Why are Reservations so Important?

Each reservation is recorded on a weekly “Events Report”, which is then distributed across several campus departments. This report informs the support staff of the event requirements. The reservation and sharing of event information is important for several reasons: community safety, facility maintenance, and the College’s commitment to quality service.

 **  Certain  IT /Media Service  and Catering requests may require additional consultation. Please see the Links provided in the sections below. These instructions can also be found in your final notification e-mail.

 6.Catering Services

Events requiring catering must make their own contact with Parkhurst through Catertrax . The event ID# will be required for your request.

Catering Request

 7.IT/Media Services

Events requiring IT/Media Services must make their own contact by submitting an IT ticket. The event ID# will be required for your request.

IT Equipment Request


All work orders need to be submitted 10 days in advance.

Submit facilities Work Orders through the MSMC portal under the Resources tab - Enter all required information, which includes:





-Craft  --Please choose "Event Set Up"

In the comments field of the Facilities Work Order, please include the following information when describing your event:

1. Your ID approval from the Events Office 

2. Event name 

3. Event start and end  date / time (please use actual start time for the event)

4. Time by which set up needs to be complete (please include date and time)

5. Specific set up needed  (e.g., 3-6 ft. tables with 2 chairs behind each table)

6. Contact person and phone number. 

Facilities Request


Individuals/departments/organizations submitting reservations are held responsible for leaving the space and all of its furnishings and equipment in a neat and orderly condition.

All room setups must be coordinated through Events.  Once a room is set, any considerable moving of the furniture can only be done by the appropriate Building Services staff. At no time is furniture to be moved by program organizers or program participants.

When planning an outdoor activity, alternative indoor facilities must also be reserved in the event of inclement weather (if the activity can be moved indoors) or a “rain date” should be considered. Events reserved without a rain location may result in cancellation if inclement weather occurs.

As an event planner, you have an ethical and legal responsibility to ensure that people with disabilities are able to attend and participate in your event. Making an event accessible is easier if you keep access in mind throughout the entire planning process.

Requests submitted after 3:00 pm will not be reviewed until the next business day.

In the case that either the space or a service is not available, the event planner will be notified of that fact in the final status e-mail.

For requests that are received with less than ten (10) business days notice, some support services are likely to be unavailable.  An event planner may discover that the space is not available, or catering, or I.T. resources.  For this reason, please ensure that you allow at least a ten day window for Events to help you plan your event.

Event Facility Rentals

The College, in an effort to maximize outreach opportunities when facilities and resources are not focused on the academic mission, will grant access to space for members of the general community and reserves the right to charge for this use of facilities and equipment/services, according to an established schedule of fees. Priority will be granted first to those requests from the general community that most closely align with the College’s academic mission.

All such requests must be considered collaboratively by Events and other departments, as necessary.

Upon approval, the Events Office will make further arrangements with the outside entity to complete a “Use of Facilities” contract, will obtain the  appropriate insurance certificates, and manage the event details by processing an event form.