The Authors' Mentoring & Support Network (AMSN) connects MSMC authors with information and advice that will help them navigate the world of academic publishing.  It also provides information on faculty research interests to facilitate collaboration, especially across disciplines.

The Network is consists of five elements, four of which can be accessed from the bar on the left.
  • The Mentors:  This is a list of MSMC faculty who are willing to help with aspects of the publishing process that they've had experience with, such as finding a publisher, working with co-authors, handling revisions, working with data, etc.  For each mentor, you'll find their contact information and the areas they're able to advise you about.
  • Faculty Research Areas:  Check this list to see what subject areas Mount faculty are working in.  Feel free to reach out to these faculty if you're interested in a possible collaboration or if you have questions about their research.
  • Resources for Authors:  Here you'll find links to services, articles, books, and other material that can shed light on the challenges and obstacles that sometimes confront scholarly writers.
  • MSMC Authors: In addition to a link to the MSMC Authors website, programs for previous MSMC Authors' Luncheons, with information about each year's authors and publications, can be accessed here.
The remaining feature of AMSN is a listing of campus events designed to help faculty and staff with their publishing efforts, which can be found below.  As we learn of these programs, we'll post them here.

The Authors' Mentoring & Support Network is a project of the Faculty Library Committee.  The idea grew out of conversations among faculty at the annual MSMC Authors' Luncheon. 


If you have a resource suggestion or would like to be added to the Mentors or Research Areas lists, please contact any of the Library Committee members shown on the left.

Good luck with your publishing projects!  We look forward to hearing about the articles, chapters, and books that you'll be writing.


Watch this space for upcoming events of interest.