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What is Camtasia?

Camtasia is a screen capturing program that allows you to record a portion of your screen and convert the capture to video files. In addition to capturing your screen, Camtasia can edit videos and record / add narration to give your presentation a custom feel.

Why should I use Camtasia?

  • Record real time tutorials to show students step-by-step how to perform complicated calculations or use necessary software they may be unfamiliar with.
  • Publish videos to different formats such as SWF (Flash), WMV, or MPEG4, and imbed them into your lecture presentation.
  • Camtasia provides students more visual aids, but also lets them better learn at their own pace.


  • If you plan to attach your video to a PowerPoint, keep the slide space in mind and record only a small portion of your screen. Videos that capture a full screen may have to be resized to fit the slide; this can severely affect the quality of the video.
  • If you plan to add narrations to the video, write the script before recording the video. This gives your video more focus and lets you practice the narration timing.
  • Videos do not need to be fancy; they only need to work and be clear. When making your first Camtasia videos just aim for simplicity. When you become more experienced in Camtasia you can try to do the more advanced edits such as adding callouts, importing audio, or even combining videos.

Training Toolbox

Basics of Camtasia Studio    
Overview of Camtasia Studio Interface

Record Full Screen Tutorial    

Editing Dimensions and Save Project Tutorial

Cut Unwanted Audio & Video Tutorial

Members of the MCPHS college community are welcome to download or link to any of the documents. Please contact MCPHS Online if you experience any difficulty with this process or if we can provide you with any source files. 

Photos: Camtasia Screen, P. Galvin; Toolbox, iStockphoto