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How can Voki be used in the classroom?
    Voki can be incorporated into a classroom setting by enabling teachers/students to express themselves on the web in their own voice using a talking character.  Teachers can grab the students attention by allowing their Voki to give daily instructions or announcements, steps in an assignment or lab, questions and answers to reviews, and as the "bell ringer" questions for the day or the objectives learned today.  Teachers can also use this to aid in a resource for proper oral pronunication of vocabulary words and foreign language words.  Foreign language teachers can allow students to write, read, revise and speak in a platform that replicates an authenic foreign language experience.   Students can use this to create a class introduction, recording a message and using an avatar that resembes who they are. In PE, teachers can use Voki as a tool to provide the proper order of lifting exercises and cordinated movement patterns, this would allow another form of communication to the students as you visually showed them the set routine.  In Health, teachers can use this to provide the class with the daily announcements or reminders for assignments due or coming up.  If teachers use this tool creatively and link the information with the lesson being taught, only will enhance the learning experience and generate discussions while reaching the learning objectives.
    Advantages of using Voki provides a new method of student/teacher presentation and provides the student the opportunity to practice their speaking and pronunication skills.  It is free, fun, interesting, user/viewer friendly and content friendly which can be integrated into any curriculum area.  Also, it allows teachers and students the opportunity to keep a log of Vokis to show progression of learning over a course of a lesson/unit/semester.
    Disadvantages of using Voki is that there are no limits on type of content or content filters which means teachers will have to consitantly monitor students work to check appropriateness.  It only allows a maximum of 60 seconds recording time and when typing text you may need to type phonetically so pronunication of the word is correct.  Also, creating the avator can lead to the students losing their focus on the lesson and spend too much time making funny/inappropriate avators.