General Curriculum Development 

Teaching Tolerance
Includes down-loadable curriculum, classroom activities and materials designed to reduce prejudice and create cross-cultural understanding. 
Rethinking Schools 
Independent publisher of educational materials focusing on teaching about issues of inequality in elementary and secondary schools. [Sheri has several of "Rethinking Schools" publications available to be borrowed – see complete list in "Books" section] 

A comprehensive site featuring full-text research articles and current social justice news, as well as handouts, activities, text of speeches, film reviews, Multicultural quizzes, quotes, songs, and more. 

Excellent list of resources for teaching about history from the perspective of working people, women, people of color and social movements.

Radical Math A variety of resources for educators interested in integrating issues of social and economic justice into their math classes and curriculum. 

Lesson plans for Teaching Social Responsibility including the topics of current domestic and international events, conflict resolution, and intercultural understanding. 

An amazing collection of short films (most less than 10 mins) made by independent filmmakers, designed to inform and encourage viewers to take action on social justice issues. All films can be viewed right from the site. Films are organized by topic - including economic justice, the environment, gay & lesbian issues, gender, human rights, immigration, racial justice, religious freedom and more. 

This is a wonderfully informative and interactive website which explores the ways that race resides not in nature but in U.S. politics, economics, and culture. Interactive activities guide students to an understanding of the ways that race has been socially constructed throughout U.S. history and the ways that institutionalized racism has led to current racial inequality. Includes printable class handouts as well.
This interactive site was developed by the American Anthropological Association in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota, as a companion to the first nationally traveling exhibition to tell the stories of race from the biological, cultural, and historical points of view. The website contains resources for teachers, students, and researchers. 

Website designed to accompany the acclaimed documentary series broadcast by PBS. Includes terrific interactive activities that teach students about health inequities based on race and class. 
Website of a non-profit organization dedicated to ending classism through awareness and education. Includes resources for educators to learn and teach about classism. 
Website of a non-profit organization formed to educate about the dangers of concentrated wealth. Includes research for teaching about wealth inequality in the US. 

Sexual Orientation/ Heterosexism
GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network 
GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe schools for all students. The website provides research, literature, and resources for teachers and administrators. 

Website for a non-profit organization that works for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people. Website has section called “the issues” that includes up-to-date information and research related to sexual orientation and gender identity.