Advanced Technology Academy

The Advanced Technology Academy (ATA), is a Michigan public charter school district
located in Dearborn, Michigan that offers a rigorous Pre K-12 educational program.
ATA is an NCA accredited Academy that has met Michigan's standard of Adequate
Yearly Progress (AYP).

ATA offers additional educational opportunities including:
Platinum Implementation of the Ford PAS Curriculum
Study Abroad Program in conjunction with Ford PAS
Free Robotics, Business and Health Exploration Camps at Lake Superior State University

After-School Clubs
National Honor Society
Dance Club
Business Professionals of America
After-School Tutoring Programs for Grades 3-12
ACT Preparatory Course        

Multiple Coordinated Learning Experiences (CLE ’s)
U of M and U of D Mercy Ford PAS days
The Henry Ford Museum and Rouge Tour
Greenfield Village
International Auto Show
Detroit Economic Club
Cultural Arts Museums

Why A Charter School?

Charter schools have the freedom to be innovative and to build effective learning programs from the ground up. As of December 2007, Michigan had 230 operating charter schools with an expected enrollment to exceed 100,000 students.


A charter school is a public school funded by the state and free to all students. The community-based school is operated by its own board independently of other public schools.


ATA is authorized to deliver selected, pre-approved Davenport University Courses to qualified students under the supervision of Davenport University, and coordinated through the Office of the Provost. This program offers your child the ability to obtain college credits, saving your family thousands of dollars in college tuition.


ATA has established a comprehensive ACT WorkKeys computer-based instructional program to help students qualify for the National Career Readiness Certificate.