Institutional Sponsorship Opportunities

Please let us know if your institution is interested in supporting the Northeast Regional Life Sciences Core Directors (NERLSCD) 2016 Meeting that will be held October 13-15, 2016,  at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, MA, co-hosted by the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Medical School.

The NERLSCD meeting has emerged as one of the best annual regional gatherings for core facility directors and managers to network with colleagues, to learn about biotechnology advances and applications, and to discuss the challenges and results of implementing shared research resources.  There are presentations and discussion forums on operational issues facing biotechnology core laboratories.   There are technical workshops on genomics, proteomics, imaging, and other technologies.  A core facility poster session offers an opportunity for learning about regional life sciences shared resources and services.   The 2015 meeting had 138 attendees from 51 institutions in 11 states and 2 Canadian provinces.

In the past, funding for the NERLSCD meetings has been provided by sponsoring academic and non-profit institutions, registrations fees, and an NIH scientific conference grant.  This year NERLSCD will also have corporate sponsors to help alleviate the high cost of hosting the meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.  We strive to maintain a meeting environment that fosters informal discussion and networking between core directors.

Academic and non-profit institutions are invited to provide sponsorship for the NERLSCD 2016 meeting.  Any level of sponsorship support is appreciated.  Support at the following levels receives recognition and other benefits as described below:

Bronze Sponsors receive the following benefits at the $1,000 - $1,999 sponsorship level:

Provides the opportunity to send an unmanned presentation that will be placed on an e-poster (provided) and displayed through the duration of the poster session scheduled for October 15, 2015 plus:
  1. Acknowledgment of your sponsorship on the NERLSCD meeting website, including links to the institution’s website.
  2. Sponsorship acknowledged in the printed meeting agenda handed out to all attendees.
  3. Quarter page advertisement in meeting program.

Silver Sponsors receive the following benefits at the $2,000 - $4,999 sponsorship level:

  1. As detailed above for Bronze Sponsors.
  2. Half page advertisement in meeting program.
  3. One free meeting registration.

Gold Sponsors receive the following benefits at the $5,000 - $9,999 sponsorship level:

  1. As detailed above for Silver Sponsors.
  2. Full page advertisement in meeting program.
  3. Three free meeting registrations.

Platinum Sponsors receive the following benefits at the $10,000+ sponsorship level:

  1. As detailed above for Gold Sponsors.
  2. Five free meeting registrations.
To become a sponsor of the NERLSCD 2016 meeting or for more information, please contact:
Christian Lytle
Treasurer, NERLSCD
Robert Steen
2016 Meeting organizer
Email: Bob Steen

Thank you in advance for your generous support!


The organizing committee for the NERLSCD 2016 Meeting includes Stuart Levine (MIT), Robert Steen (Harvard Medical School), Sridar Chittur (State University of New York at Albany),  Susana Esquenazi (New York University Langone Medical Center) Luellen Fletcher (University of Pennsylvania), George Grills (Weill Cornell Medical College), Peter Lopez (New York University Langone Medical Center), Christian Lytle (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth),  Shahina Maqbool (Albert Einsten College of Medicine), Susanna Perkins (University of Massachusetts Medical School)