Final Schedule - Subject to change

Track abbreviations:
   Abs - Antibody production  
   Adm- Administration 
   Flo  - Flow Cytometry
   Eng- Genetic Engineering
   HTS - High-throughput screening
   Img - Imaging
   Inf  - Bioinformatics
   NGS- Genomics
   Pro - Proteomics

Thursday, October 13th

1p-3p NYCAN Satellite Meeting
Organizer: Sheenah Mische. Sheraton Hotel, Riverside (5th Floor)

1p-5p Core Facility Open House. Core facilities in the area will be available for tours. Check out the Open House Google Map for more information

6p-9p Opening Reception at the MIT Museum. Registration will be open at the Museum.

Friday, October 14th

8a Registration / Breakfast

9:15a Opening Remarks, Stuart Levine, MIT

9:30a Keynote Speaker, Raju Kucherlapati, Harvard Medical School "Genetics and Genomics of Health and Disease".

10:30a Coffee Break / Networking (Backbay CD)

11a Keynote Speaker: Myriam Heiman, Picowar Institute, MIT, "Genome-wide genetic screening in the mammalian central nervous system"

12p Lunch (Backbay CD)

Concurrent Sessions
1p  Epigenomics: Challenges and Discoveries  (NGS/Abs) Session organizer Shahina Maqbool, Albert Einstein College of Medecine
      Implementing Cross Core Cloud Computing - Challenges and Successes (Adm/Inf) Session organizer: Brad Chapman, Harvard School of Public Health 
     Building Collaborations between High-Throughput Screening and Flow-Cytometry (HTS/Flo) Session organizer: Jaime Cheah, MIT
     Post-Translational Modifications (Pro) Session organizer: Amanda Del Rosario, MIT
     Improved/Alternate Cas9 (Eng) Session organizer: Gerald Marsischky, Harvard Medical School
     Imaging Core Open Discussion (Img) Session organizer: Carol Bayles, Cornell University

2p  Coordinating Cross-Core Projects (Adm/NGS/Img/Flo) Session organizer: Chris Lytle, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth - Sponsored by Nanostring
     Cross Core Interactions to Support High Throughput Screening (HTS/Pro/NGS) Session Organizer: Caroline Shamu, Harvard Medical School
    Antibodies & Immunohistochemistry Why so much Noise (AB/IMG) Session organizer: Luis Chiriboga, NYU
    Mouse Embryo Genome Editing (Eng) Session organizer: Mantu Bhaumik, Boston Children's Hospital
     Informatics Core Open Discussion (Inf) Session organizer: Stuart Levine, MIT

3p  High-Throughput Screening and CRISPR(HTS/Eng) Session Organizer: John Doench, Broad Institute
   Proteomics in the Era of Large Datasets (Pro/Inf) Session Organizer: Olga Vitek,  Northeastern University 
   Selecting and Validating Abs for use in core settings (AB/Img/Pro) Session Organizer: Frances Weis-Garcia, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
     Return on Investment (Adm) Session Organizer: Susana Esquenazi, NYU
     Genomics Core Open Discussion (NGS) Session Organizer: Robert Steen, Harvard Medical School
     Flow Cytometry Core Open Discussion (Flo) Session organizer: Peter Lopez, NYU

4p Keynote Speaker: George Church, Harvard Medical School. "Fluorescent in situ sequencing (FISSEQ) for All Omics"

5p Poster Session & Vendor Show (Backbay CD)

7p Dinner - on your own

Saturday, October 15th

8a  Breakfast

9a Keynote Speaker: John Essigmann, MIT, "High-fidelity mutational spectrometry provides an early warning system to detect liver cancer"
10a Coffee Break 
   networking (Backbay CD)

Concurrent Sessions
10:30a CTSA Grants and the Role Research Core Facilities Play (Adm) Session organizer: Susanna Perkins, U.Mass. Medical School
     Single Cell Sequencing (Flo/NGS/Inf) Session organizer: Sridar Chittur, SUNY Albany. Sponsored by BioRad
     Practical open-source image analysis software - What’s new? What works? (Img/HTS/Abs/Inf) Session organizer: Anne Carpenter, Broad Institute
     Proteomics/Metabolomics Core Open Discussion(Pro) Session Organizer:Emily Chen, Columbia University
     Genome Engineering Core Open Discussion(Eng) Session Organizer:Eric KmiecGene Editing Institute

11:30a Getting the right users on the right equipment (Adm/Pro/Flo/ Img)  Session organizer, Diane Tabarini, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
      CRISPR Off Target Effects (Eng/NGS/Inf) Session organizer:Richard Frock, Children's Hospital Boston
     High-Throughput Core Open Discussion(HTS) Session organizer, Jaime Cheah, MIT
     Antibody Core Open Discussion (Abs) Session Organizer, Frances Weiss-Garcia, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

12:30p Lunch (Backbay CD)

1:30p Platinum Sponsor Session
ILLUMINA: Kenneth Kuhn, Sensitive cancer fusion detection and discovery in FFPE by RNA-Seq
     FLUIDIGM: Katy Richards-Hrdlicka From cell atlasing to characterization: Using the C1 and Biomark to fully enable single cell expression analysis 
     QIAGEN: Jennifer Fostel, Library prep strategies for even genomic coverage in Illumina genome-wide sequencing

Concurrent Sessions
2:20p Just for Techs: Outreach/ Getting to Know You Session Organizer, Jennifer Love, Whitehead Institute
    How to make the most of your faculty committee Session Organizer, Luellen Fletcher, University of Pennsylvania 
    Training users to use instruments independently and competently Session Organizer, Carol Bayles, Cornell University

3:30p Closing Remarks, Open Forum on Future Directions of NERLSCD.