Speaker Guideline

Each paper will be presented in one of two presentations types, i.e., oral presentation and poster presentation.

1. Oral presentation

The paper allocated in an oral presentation session will be given 20 minutes for presentation, Q&A, and transition time.
Accordingly, the speaker should budget up to 16 minutes for the presentation. Each speaker is recommended to bring her/his own laptop to present the paper, but bringing a ppt/pdf file in a USB memory should be also acceptable. The speaker should prepare for the presentation, e.g., checking if the presentation file is properly displayed, during the break before the oral presentation session.

2. Poster presentation

The paper allocated in the poster session will be presented in two levels, i.e., a 4 minute short introduction during the poster teaser session (11:20 am - 12:05 pm), and then, a normal interactive poster presentation during the poster session (2:30-3:20 pm).

During the poster teaser session (11:20 am-12:05 pm), all the poster papers will be briefly introduced using ppt/pdf slides beam-projected on the screen (without any question from the audience). For the teaser presentation, each speaker should submit a presentation file to yjs890403@naver.com and schoi@mwnl.snu.ac.kr by 11:59 pm (Korean Time), May 16th (Fri). A presentation file should be up to 4 pages including the title page in the format of either ppt or pdf. Due to the time constraint, the speaker will not be allowed to use her/his own laptop.

For the actual poster presentation (2:30-3:20 pm), a poster with up to 4 ft x 4 ft size should be prepared. The poster should be attached on the wall of the workshop room during the lunch time. The presenter should be available to present the paper using the poster and answer questions during the entire poster session.