"Dr. Kilchenstein provided me with tools and encouragement to work through a lot of complex personal issues.  His expert guidance has been invaluable to me.  I doubt that I would have ventured into these challenging areas without his clinical skill and support.  Before beginning my work with Dr. Kilchenstein my mental model for therapy was "hard work".  Who knew that  it could be such a positive journey of discovery?"

          - Ms. M

"I want you to know the incredible difference you have made in my life and the lives of my family members.  J. has always said his work with you was transformative, and you have helped us again over this very rough patch with A. and we will be forever grateful."

          - Mrs. H

"When I began my treatment with Dr. Kilchenstein, I was a mental wreck, battered and so beaten down emotionally that I retreated within myself.  Through intense therapy, I have emerged to be a confident, social, and an emotionally strong woman.  Dr. Kilchenstein gave me back my life and on several occasions, literally, saved my life."

          - Mrs. G

"Dr. Kilchenstein helped me during the toughest period of my life.  He is more than a doctor, he is also a mentor.  He truly takes interest in your situation and talks to you like a person and not a science experiment."

          - Mr. T

"I have been seeing psychologists and Psychiatrists off and on for 15 years, dealing with many issues. Until I met Dr. Kilchenstein, I though they all were the same. Well, I WAS WRONG! I have never met anyone with the talent he possesses to actually treat people. The compassion he shows and the way in which he addresses things is amazing. I have learned more about myself in 10 months than probably the rest of my life put together. I believe he is the best Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist out there, God bless you and thank you!"



            -Mr. H