Curriculum Vitae



Johns Hopkins Hospital, Resident in Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
1964-1965  Rotating Internship, South Baltimore General Hospital
1962-1964University of Maryland School of Medicine, Years 3 & 4 
1960-1962University of Maryland Graduate School in Biochemistry
1958-1960University of Maryland School of Medicine, Years 1 & 2
1954-1958Loyola University Baltimore, Bachelor in Science


 American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


State of Maryland: Medical DO 5841
2010State of Florida: Medical ME 106162


 of Medic, an ambulatory care facility open 365 days a year, 12 hrs/day, providing multi-specialty impatient and  outpatient care
1975-1984CEO of Maryland Health Associates, an organization that designed, developed and delivered health services for hospitals and communities including inpatient and outpatient, emergency room, psychiatric, med-surg, substance abuse, geriatric, and rehabilitation.
1974-1981Chief, Department of Behavioral and Rehabilitative Medicine, Fallston General Hospital 
1969-1985CEO of Michael W. Kilchenstein, M.D., P.A., a multi-specialty medical organization which provided services in seven offices, four hospitals and three schools treating over 10,000 patients.
1976-1978Chairman, Mental Health Advisory Board, Harford County, Maryland
1970-1978Director, Mental Health Service, Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University
1977-1978Director, Harford County Community Health Center
1968-1970Director, Seton Psychiatric Institute Adolescent Program
1967-1968Director, Day Care Center, Spring Grove State Hospital
1968-PresentPrivate Practice
1960-1964Emergency Room Externship, South Baltimore General
1961-1963Hospital for the Women of Maryland, Assisting in labor and delivery, resuscitating newborns.
1962-1964Springfield State Hospital, Examined new patients and performed yearly mental  status exams and physicals on chronic patients.
1968-1983Psychiatrist, Johns Hopkins Hospital
1968-1985Consultant in Psychiatry, Union Memorial Hospital
1968-1971Psychiatrist, United Auto Workers Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital
1970-1972Consultant in Psychiatry, Community College of Baltimore
1985Project Management Seminar, Columbia, Maryland
1981-1986Baltimore County Board of Education, Organizational Consultant
1981-1985Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, Organizational Consultant
1982-2008Saint John's Episcopal Church, Family Relations Seminars
1968-1984Instructor in Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Medical School
1971-1972Adolescent Psychiatry Seminar, Balto. Co. Juvenile Services
2003American Academy of Psychoanalysis, The Analytic Treatment of a Retarded Man, Washington DC
2004The Columbia Academy of Psychodynamics, Primitive Mental States
2008St. John’s Episcopal Church, Seminars on personal communication as a necessity for the continued processing of lived experience


1990-presentSupervision and  research collaboration with Thomas Ogden, M.D., Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of the Psychosis, Faculty: San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Training and Supervising analyst at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California.
1969Child Psychiatry Workshop, Schenectady, New York
1970Family Therapy Workshop, V. Satir, Columbia, MD
1970Organizational Development Workshop, M.Fryde, Ph.D.
1971Bioenergetic Analysis Workshop, Bangor, PA
1972Group Dynamics Workshop, Summit, New Jersey
1972Bioenergetic Analysis Workshop, Bangor, PA
1973Bioenergetic Analysis Workshop, Huntsville, AL
1973Couples Therapy Workshop, Kirkridge, Bangor, PA
1973Sensory Awareness Workshop, Zulver Institute, NY
1975International Neurosciences Symposium, San Juan
1977Modern Indication for Surgery, Ocean City, MD
1978National Conference on Countertransference, Harold Searles, M.D., Peter Giovacchini, M.D., Advanced Institute for Analytic Psychotherapy, New York, NY
1978Southwestern Cardiovascular Symposium, Contemporary Cardiac Surgery, Denton Cooley, Scotsdale, AR
1979National Training Labs, Group Dynamics, Andros, BWI
1980Psychiatric Seminars, Los Angeles, California
1982-1985American Academy of Psychiatrists "Update", 48 hrs
1982-1983Balto-DC Psychoanalytic Society Discussions, 6 hrs
19827 Day Course for Health Professionals, (100 hrs)
1983Communication Workshop, Washington, DC, (12 hrs)
1983Contextual Psychotherapy Workshop (12 hrs)
1983Dallas Psychiatric Symposium, Texas (24 hrs)
1984Mastery of Group Dynamics Workshop I (40 hrs)
1984Couples Therapy Workshop, Center for Contextual Therapy (12 hrs)
1984Entrepreneur 2000, System Development (126 hrs)
1984Borderline Personality Disorder Workshop, Masterson(6 hrs)
1985Mastery of Group Dynamics Workshop II(40 hrs)
1985Borderline Personality Disorder Seminar, Masterson (6hrs)
1988-1989Comparing Approaches to Psychoanalytic Therapy, Washington School of Psychiatry (20 hrs)
1990The Self and Intimacy, Masterson (11hrs)
1991Journeys with the Regressed Patient (9.5 hrs) Presentation of my treatment of a regressed patient. Marin Boyer Lodge, San Francisco, CA.
1991Sexualities: Problems and Solutions, Joyce McDougall, Washington School of Psychiatry, (9 hrs)
1992Countertransference Workshop, Christopher Bollas, Washington School of Psychiatry, (12 hrs)
1993Seminar on Primitive forms of Psychic Structure, Thomas Ogden, Center for the  Advanced Study of the Psychosis, San Francisco,  CA
1995Seminar on Early Forms of Oedipal Structures, Thomas Ogden, Center for the Advanced Study of the Psychosis, San Francisco, CA.
     In 1979, I wrote the application for certification for a thirty five bed psychiatric unit (the largest ever approved in Maryland).  This involved four years of intense documentation of the need for the beds in Hartford County, Maryland, the presentation and  defense of the project at the Central Maryland Health System Agency, the recruitment and training of the staff, the writing of the procedures manual, the development of a 24 hr/day emergency room service, and the establishment of continuing education programs for the staff.  This was the culmination of a project I began in May of 1970 which first required that we (myself, and an internist and two business men) build a 250 bed, full service, general hospital with the attached 100 bed nursing home, then, completely staff the facility.  This facility was fully accredited by the JCAH in the first year of operation.


1964-1966         Psychiatrist, 136th Evac. Hospital, Maryland
1966-1970        Commander, 175th TAC Dispensary, Maryland National Guard
1970                   Retired, Major, U.S.A.F.


General Partner, Fallston Medical Complex, A four man group that developed a 350 bed medical complex.
Partner, Fallston General Hospital, A twenty man group that developed all the services for a 250 bed general hospital.
Chairman of the Board, Coleman Aviation Corporation, A three man group that  opened and operated for public use the largest private airport in the country  (Martin State Airport).