Pre-Primary Course

The classes listed below, for the study of children ages 2-6, are offered each summer in a series of week long workshops. If you are interested in any of the classes listed below click Summer Workshop Schedule for further information.

Course I Home Study Program ($895.00)

The Home Study Program is designed to allow students to study Montessori educational philosophy and theory of child development through a self-directed tutorial study. The program provides the services of an experienced Montessori teacher with whom the student corresponds, a study guide containing information and assignments, theory lectures and detailed curriculum guides for Practical Life, Sensorial Education, Beginning Math, Beginning Reading and Cultural Subjects. Minimum 12 months study.

Sensorial and Practical Life (*$400.00)

This workshop, or series of classes, provides demonstrations of activities that help promote the development of intelligence.  Through work with sensorial materials, children develop the ability to match and grade colors, sounds, textures, weights and shapes.  Using practical life material, children learn basic care of themselves and their environment and to be contributing members of a group. The course covers the use of these materials in activities designed to develop independence, order, coordination and concentration. 30 hours.

Beginning Math and Reading ($*400.00)

This class presents the specific Montessori materials used in the development of early concrete number concepts and basic math operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as materials for helping children to learn to read. Reading will include forming letters, learning basic phonetic sounds, building words, decoding phonograms and identifying grammatical parts of speech 30 hours.

Cultural Subjects Class ($400.00)

This class presents the Montessori curriculum for geography, history, botany and zoology. Students learn active, hands-on methods for helping children to learn about how the earth is represented by the globe and maps while learning about the world's people and places and the wonders of nature. 30 hours.


*Books and an Examination Fee are separate.

Upon completion of the Home Study Program and the curriculum classes, the student is eligible to take the comprehensive written and oral diploma exam.

The above listed courses can be taken as week long workshops during the summer. See Summer 2015 Workshop Schedule for further information and a summer course schedule.

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